Tuesday, August 9, 2011

feeling content

You know what's great? The feeling of content...and furthermore the feeling is derived from just petty things that seems insignificant...like sincere smiles,thank you and sorry,someone holding doors for u,loved ones make u a nice cup of tea,buy u jajan tht u like and the list goes on...what i'm trying to say is that if you can feel content with just these sort of petty things without the needs of fancy expensive gifts just to see your smile....congratulations!you are one of special persons that are very lucky n happy....just treasure yourself babe..
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Pocket said...

Pocket pernah post about something serupa,

..terasa macam happy semacam jer,
tp benda tu tak la besar sangat pon.. n kalau cerita kat orang.. surely kena maki
'hek enneee.. macam tu pun ko dah happy.. appaaraaaa'

gitu gitu.

anyway.. enjoy the puthi Happy.

izzah said...


mudah rasa content or puas hati tu tanda orang yang bersyukur..org2 macam ni lebih bahagia hidupnya..