Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes..its true..sadly

..we always hear about people talking about how we malay attitude of working and compare it with the other race( yes that one)..and sometimes we argue and saying its not true..well, its true! at least from what i've experienced in my just-6 years of working life...

..the one with all the complaints, the one with all the excuses, the one with issue with punctuality(except when its time to go back), the one with the lack of quality in reports, the one that exceed the datelines..sadly to say, its coming from us...yes, not every one of us..but majority..i know there are malays who are very good and efficient workers...but the issue here on the "rotten" banana..

..may i put here one current example..the new manager(the other race) checks the invoice and actually do the audit whether the vendor has actually finished their work..and coming to us(finance) that he pend the approval since the vendor yet to complete the job..and this is the correct way of conduct...but the previous manager(mantan)..just sign off every single invoice he received without checking at all...and guess who he is? yup..

..i sincerely hope that..that establishment will be abolished one day.....maybe our next generation? but how about the malay saying that: tak kemana tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi...

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